The Counselors of Real Estate®, a global organization of commercial property advisors, released its annual report on the Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate® for the upcoming year. Since 2012, the report has identified the current and emerging issues Counselors expect to have the most significant influence on real estate. As the real estate industry faces an extraordinary era of unpredictability, the effect of political unrest and global economic health is the leading concern of the 1,000-member organization in its 2024 report, with office occupancy and valuations, the housing shortage and artificial intelligence (AI) rounding out the top four issues.

“The Counselors of Real Estate proactively recognizes crucial themes so we can pinpoint trends and note their evolution and subsequent bearing on real estate,” said William McCarthy, CRE®, global chair of The Counselors of Real Estate. “This past year has been challenging for some and opportunistic for others as the economy, office market, and artificial intelligence continue to evolve and impact the market.  Additionally, the housing shortage and infrastructure issues proceed to cause disruption.”

“This next year will be crucial to real estate with the upcoming election at the local, regional and national level,” said McCarthy. “All eyes are on the future as we navigate these disruptions with a purpose for developing solutions and a better understanding of how the issues may impact and change the many professional disciplines in commercial real estate.”

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