Frequently Asked Questions


How does an investment with Sequure work?

Sequure’s feeder funds pool capital from investors for individual US Commercial Real Estate Funds. All transactions are carried out through the Sequure investment platform. Investors can log onto the platform and review the comprehensive information on the various US funds placed there. Our deal specific UK-based Feeder Funds, managed by our third party independent Fund Manager, channel capital directly into the individual US Master Funds. The US Manager’s expertise drives investment performance, while Sequure facilitates the Feeder Fund within stringent compliance standards.

What is the selection process for funds?

Sequure’s selection process for US managers is a rigorous and comprehensive procedure aimed at ensuring that only the most qualified and suitable candidates are included in our platform. Our process combines thorough due diligence, ongoing monitoring, and expert evaluation.

Our diligence method requires in-depth research and analysis for each potential fund, examining the track record, strategy, and compliance history of potential managers. We also assess their alignment with our investors’ objectives and risk tolerance.

Suitable funds and managers are referred to our Investment Advisory Committee composed of seasoned professionals for approval. This committee brings extensive industry knowledge and on the ground experience to the table, ensuring that only the best managers make the cut. Funds approved by our Investment Advisory Committee are submitted to the third party AIFM Fund Managers, whose Investment Committee completes an independent deliberation and approval process.

Throughout this process, we maintain a strong commitment to transparency, investor protection, and compliance with all relevant regulations. Our ultimate goal is to provide our investors with access to a curated selection of US managers who have a proven history of delivering compelling returns while adhering to the highest industry standards.

Why would a Top Tier fund want to work with us?

Each Feeder Fund is ring fenced for the life of the deal

What type of investments are offered by Sequure?

We specialise in mid-market US commercial real estate (CRE) private funds, an asset class known for its potential for attractive returns and diversification. Sequure sources top tier US managers who meet strict investment criteria. We look for experience, pro-active asset management, and consistent top tier historical performance.

Our managers each demonstrate deep on the ground networks in multiple local markets, ensuring each fund benefits from premier access to deal flow while at the same time enabling market diversification.

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What are the fees for investing?

Please see our ‘Fees’ section on each respective offering.

All fees are only charged at the investment level, there are no general membership or subscription fees.

Investor's Funds are under Licenced Fund Management

What is the minimum investment?

Sequure’s feeder funds offer a minimum allocation starting at $100,000, though the amount may vary based on the location of the investor. Our technology driven platform enables us to offer lower minimums within the compliance regulations of each investor jurisdiction.

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What are the risks of investing with Sequure?

Investing in feeder funds for US real estate entails substantial speculative risks. Those who cannot bear the potential loss of their entire investment should reconsider investing. Prospective investors should carefully review the risk cautions and disclosures provided for the specific fund or investment vehicle on the platform, as well as the risk disclosures on the Sequure website.

Investments may both increase and decrease in value, with no guarantee of recouping the initial investment. Past performance serves as no guarantee for future results, and it’s important to note that investing in a fund differs significantly from depositing funds in a bank. For comprehensive information on potential risks, charges, and expenses, refer to the fund documentation.

Furthermore, investors usually receive illiquid and/or restricted membership interests, which may be subject to holding period requirements and liquidity limitations.

In a prudent private equity real estate investment strategy, private equity real estate should constitute only a portion of your overall investment portfolio. This allocation might encompass a diversified range of private equity funds. It’s crucial to recognize that private equity investments lack liquidity, and individuals who cannot commit to holding an investment for an extended period, typically at least five years, should reconsider such investments.

Does Sequure provide investment advice?

Due to regulatory constraints, we are unable to provide personalized investment advice to individual clients. We recommend seeking guidance from your investment advisor or consultant.