Sequure Master Class

Private Equity Real Estate

An overview of the asset class and its key characteristics.

5 Minutes

Commercial Drivers of PERE

Understanding the commercial drivers of PERE and how they impact returns.

4 Minutes

The US CRE Mid Market

Why the US Mid Market provides compelling investment opportunities.

5 Minutes

Access for non-US Investors

How feeder funds provide tax efficiency and simplified access to US funds

5 Minutes

Investment Life Cycle

The life cycle of a closed ended US Commercial Real Estate Fund

5 Minutes

Build a Diversified Portfolio

Evaluate the role of Mid Market US CRE funds in your investment portfolio

5 Minutes


An interview with Blue Vista Co-Founder sharing insights into this niche investing category.

How do you define the Middle Market?

How do you add value to increase returns for the investor?

What strategies do you use to mitigate risk for the assets and for the investors?

How do your close-ended funds work and what are their timelines?

How are your funds different to REITS?

How big is the the Mid-Market space?

What is the current market condition and where is this going in the next 5 years and why is now such a good time to invest?

Interview with Walker and Dunlop on their insights itno the Mid -Market and their ability to create returs for their investors.

What is the Mid-Market and why is this a great asset class
How buying assets with local knowledge is an advantage
How do you mitigate risks for your funds?
Do you also mitigate risk on the lending side?
What's the difference between PE and REITS?
What structures do you use to limit risk?
When the fund closes, who is the buyer of the assets?
Why do you use close ended funds?
What is the scope and size of the Mid-Market?
What is your view on the current market and where is this going?
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