US Managers can now expand into International Capital Markets with seamless and cost effective Feeder Funds

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Purpose Built Feeder Fund  Structures

Our sophisticated feeder fund structure with a US tax blocker removes the complexity of accepting offshore capital. We handle all investor facing operational and compliance aspects, from KYC and AML checks to distributions, letting you focus on maximizing your fund’s performance


Seamless Compliance with US Regulatory Framework

Leveraging comprehensive Reg S exemption protocols, UK Fund Management and independent administration services, Sequure ensures US Managers and Sponsors can accept international investors without stressing about global compliance.

Tax Efficiency

Sequure Limited UK Feeder Funds provide a compliant pathway for non-U.S. investors to access U.S. Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Funds through a tax efficient structure. The Offshore Feeder Fund is designed to:

  • Provide a safe investment vehicle under the fiduciary control of a regulated UK Fund Manager and Administrator
  • Be tax pass-through within the UK
  • Avoid investor-level U.S. federal or state tax return filing obligations for non-U.S. investors.
  • Block income treated as ECI from being realized directly by a non-U.S. investor ensuring considerable U.S. level tax savings
  • Potentially provide for tax-free payments of interest to certain non-U.S. investors
  • Each blocker uses interest deductions to offset the impact of U.S. corporate tax. This can substantially reduce such blocker’s effective U.S. corporate income tax rate.
  • Provide the ability to return the original capital invested (i.e., principal on debt and equity invested) to shareholders on a tax-free basis.

Built for Purpose

Our single focus and expertise as a specialised boutique investment platform enables us to do one thing exceptionally well, and then do it again and again for each investment offering, at competitive pricing.

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